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Tc lottery to reduce inflation
What if at the end of every month, or week, or every two weeks, we have a lottery, where everyone pays 1000tc for a chance to win an amount like 20,000tc or a cool item or something like that?

you would need only 20 people to participate to break the prize amount. So then after 20 people, every person is eliminating 1000tc from the tb economy. So if we do this a few times, the inflation will reduce.

Of course, the prize might have to bigger and maybe the ticket cost would have to be lower so more people will participate. But I guess we would just have to figure out the best ratio of people participating, to the prize and ticket price.

An item might work too, depends if people really want the item, you could even do a poll, to see what prize people would pay a certain amount of tc for a chance to win it.

(sorry if my English is bad)
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I currently see no downside to a Torilottery that's weekly. It's a very small thing that is easy to get excited about, gives an opportunity for newer/younger players to come to a little wealth to finally customize their character, and of course it's just another tool that can be used to sink TC.

Perhaps there could be something on the front page that said "X hours until next drawing, current Prize of TC, and last lucky winner". With how well embraced betting is, it seems the community well receives gambling.

We absolutely do not need a lottery to sink TC, Toribash's economy is fine; however, a Lottery is a great idea regardless. It just has an added benefit of being healthy for the game's economy.
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Meh I think TC is getting sunk at a decent rate to the amount getting created. I mean Ash dumped 26m into the economy not too long a go and that's already unnoticeable. Prices for items are generally pretty steady over the years too, I'd say because the population for the game is low enough that when they are all off of the market the price pretty much gets reset when someone puts a new one up. Lotteries would be cool though, but probably not necessary for the TB economy
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