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Damn sounds
It would be great if custom sounds could be turned off like particles, textures, trails, any other crap. It's not funny hearing that cena shit, and it's pretty anoying that some individuals using custom sounds to showcase their shitty musical taste.
I totally agree, I asked hampa a while ago(Last year) if we could have an audio slider for custom sounds and he had a fairly positive reception of it, although it was never put into action. When I played toribash I would always have the sound turned off because of all the obnoxiously loud and shitty custom sounds, I really don't want to hear random dubstep, memes, or sexually suggestive sounds blaring out of my speakers ._.
I've also experienced players having audio clips of high frequencies such as 17khz-20khz, and that shit HURTS, I mean it literally hurts your ears.
This needs to be sorted out ffs.

Sure, having all toribash sounds muted fixes this, but that means having all toribash sounds muted, and I would prefer to play with some sounds tbh.
Aimlessly swimming in circumcisions