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Mute ukes KIAI sound
idea is pretty simple: Mute ukes kiai sound
Everybody have kiai now, and before every fight you hear some cacaphony made of 2 normal kiai sounds. that sucks
Logically, shouldn't the tori be muted? You hear your own kiai every damn match, it's not there to hype you up (hell it's usually ear-rape anyway). A kiai is supposed to be a shout or chant at the beginning of a match to intimidate the opponent, so you should really only hear the opponent's.
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I support muting tori's sound. It'd make a lot more sense than having two sound files play over each other, and gives more kiais the opportunity to be heard clearly.
Makes it more interesting, too. Each opponent coming up against the Tori with a shout. I'm sure more people would buy a kiai.

I'm not a fan of Kiais all together since half the time they are so obnoxious, but I think that would help mitigate that a bit. One problem is those people paid for their Kiai to be heard and hype you up for each match or make everyone in the lobby's ears bleed or whatever the intentions are. I feel as if muting one of them would be a meh sorta thing to do, but having 2 Kiais playing at once deffinitly sucks. If one was muted though I like shintais take on it, since Uke is the challenger methinks their Kiai should be heard. Or maybe having Toris play and then Ukes play after, or visa versa.
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This is an interesting debate; Do you have the kiai of uke muted, because the Tori is the winner of the previous match and he deserves to show that off by shouting at his opponent to do better than the previous one, or do you mute the Tori's one because uke is the new challenger and he issues, as groh said, a challenge to the Winner...

Then again you could have each kiai played one after the other, with uke starting, issuing a challenge and Tori responding.

A Kiai is usually a shout issued when performing an attacking move, as it channels your Ki . In my opinion uke's kiai should play, because he is the challenger, and at some point the Tori was probably a challenger too, so we've heard his kiai already.

I don't really thing it should be muted or something. It would be better if Kiai worked by turns. Like after Tori's kiai works Uke's kiai