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Toribash 5.5.1 alpha - Windows/macOS, Steam
Toribash 5.5.1 alpha 1 is now available for Windows on alpha branch on Steam.

What's new:
  • Borderless full screen mode (can be toggled in settings menu)
  • Use CTRL + ] and CTRL + [ to navigate between replays in any replay folder
  • Replays now always load with cache with opt replaycache 2 (in settings, this corresponds with "Enable" option for replay speed)
  • Replay loading with cache should be a little bit quicker now due to some backend optimizations
  • Always put window in screen center after resolution change
  • Better ghost fading with short ghosts

  • New menu gamerules now remembers last selected "start new game" option between sessions
  • Added auto focus on replay name input when saving replay
  • WIP version of new replay controls (default toggle hotkey is tab)
  • Lua draw2d hook now draws above all main game gui

Known issues:
- When loading a replay manually and navigating to next / previous replay, it may open a wrong replay (from same folder)
- When viewing replays from outside the autosave folder, fight name is empty
- New replay gui buttons don't activate/deactivate properly when viewing a replay that's originally not cached
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