uh, hey.
been a while, i guess.

here's an image


doing drawfag requests, i suppose. 4chan got out of hand really quickly, so i'll do quick sfw ones here if anyone's ever interested

otherwise, uh... peace out
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What a great thread with sick sketches, love your pictures <3
Love it because of your drawings of womans, you are showing all the beauty of women, their face, forms
And because of lots of fun in your works
Keep ot up
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thanks for helping me revive this dead thread

here's a little thingy of myself

click the image for full image

not particularly lewd, really. just. y'know, boobs.

still an autistic anti-social virgin with no ambition and no redeeming features?


fuck yeah, dude
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pretty dope and creative stuff man, sorry for the lack of cnc but I gotta say your drawings are really satisfying to see

one of my favorite things is the colors you choose and "texture" effects like in the last two in particular.

Something that bothers me is the head shape. Sometimes it works very well like in this one:

but sometimes it looks too "round" or cartoon-ish for the body's aspect like in this one:


<[Vector]Aadame> damn pat with his mod skills

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yeah, that's a given. was told about that for quite a time and - for what it's worth - i can catch it a little better now than i could before; but, then, again i just really haven't been doodling much recently at all. and when i do, it's just goofs and gaffes.

here's some drawings i likely posted in RSO discord but not here


an old drawing for a FRIEND


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