Muay Thai Championship Series 2020
hi, since you were looking for some genuine cnc i'll stop by

i'll cnc 2 of your most recent replays

genuinely cool opener, i've been doing a lot of these 'retarded-cool' sorta openers a lot recently, you should keep doing this
a lot of lost potential at 440, could've gone for some heli-kick or something
counter rotation sucked
kick at 410 was meh i guess
decap was fine actually
last kick was okay, looked so awkward and pretty much all dms came from the grab rather than the kick but that's ok
everything after was pretty ugly

overall, about what i'd expect from a 20-minute replay, try to take more care when making your replays and take advantage of your better opportunities, rather than going for what you're used to

edgy name
everything from opener to lift was basic, but it wasn't ugly, so it's fine
counter rotations are fine in replays if you can make them look good, it wasn't exactly spectacular in this replay but i'll let it slide
punch boom thing was good, but too bad it both came from a terrible position and put you in a terrible position after, so the punch wasn't really the best thing ever
grab thing was ok after and it looks like you were going for a kick and changed your mind because you were too lazy to readjust the grab and went for a punch instead
kick after that is whatever ig
pose was fine but you adjusted the chest too late and it looked weird

overall this replay is better than the last one but it's still in the 'meh' zone for me

you're not a terrible replaymaker, but there's a lot you can improve on
they're all nitpicks, of course, but that doesn't make them any less important, leaving them in makes you a little careless and overall ruins the replay if you pay more attention than just watching

i hope this cnc helped and i wasn't too unnecessarily harsh
Not a serious replay, just trying to do boom hits again
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loved your opener, im a sucker for openers that start slow then suddenly burst in speed. spin was sexy and the grab -> kick follow-up looked real smooth while maintaining your flow, thought i feel like you could have done a more damaging hit from the kick, but idk haha. not a fan of the second pick-up kick though, looked kinda awkward with all the weird wobbling and hesitation(?) from frames 296 to 283. last kick was straightforward i guess, it did its job and that's it. your right arm hanging in front of your head during the third kick was also pretty weird, could have avoided it with a few adjustments. the follow-through after the kick was aight, you overextended your leg which made it seem pretty stiff.

good stuff, great movement from the first half of the replay.
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Why be a king,
When you coud be a God