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hey guys. So ive been playing toribash for a few months now. The idea of the game is sweet. The gameplay and physics, ranking system, all of that stuff is cool. The only thing is that I find myself only being able to play for maybe 5 minutes at a time because of how packed all the rooms are. Either I have to wait behind 5 people, or there is no one in a room at all. I dont login to a game to watch people play for 10 minutes, then fight for 2 minutes, and watch again. I cant get any of my friends to play because of the wait times. The one thing this game NEEDS is an INSTANT QUE. Most every game in the world has a quick-match feature. I dont care if its random mods against random belts. Anything would be a huge improvement. When i first joined this game, i was amazed it wasnt already in place. I know that if you add an instant que, more players will install, join, and stay. I would play much more, and be more likely to spend actually money on items if i could get to use them in more than just one match every 10 min. So please, do your players and yourselves a big solid, and add an instant que. You other toribashers back me up and tell them what you think about it.
That would be cool. Like matchmaking with improvements! A few public rooms could just be an auto que feature like toribash wii.
yeah exactly. have like one instant que for normal modes like akido, wushu, mushu, judo etc.. and one for the less normal modes lol like jousting, pendulum, msds, spinbag etc.. It would really take the game to the next level in my opinion
like fifa14 u press quick match and u match up ur opponent and if u wanna play and they do u play ez this would be pretty hard though
Some people like to only stay for their mods, such as myself. And, there is only three Taekyyon servers I can join, 1 of them not populated. So, instant que wouldn't work for people like myself.
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What the amazing sexy belt said above me. Quick matches only have 4 slots.
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Instant Queue would be a good way to earn QI, kind of like a 1v1 match. You'd have the option to have a rematch or search for another player.

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Matchmaking sorta did this if I recall correctly, just made you face off against a randomer.

Was a really cool feature when I was new and couldn't find people to fight, made a lot of friends this way.
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