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oh my days..
that shoulder was dm'd with his glute..
such dm, much cheeky

Thats why I was asking if it counts, I dont know if orko and rfifan would consider it 1 "impact". I used to have the elbow that i'm grabbing also dismember, but I think orko said that he didn't consider it 1 impact so I switched it for the shoulder, i hope he accepts this lol
oh yeah
DAMN!! that was awesome! haha nice dude

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yeah as cool as that is, I would think that dismemberment you get with your glutes would count as its own hit since the foot you're using for the hook is also forcing ukes body to your glutes, which has its own momentum.

unless you can get the same dismemberment without it hitting your glutes, I would count that as 2 separate hits.

at least now we know that 9 dms in 1 frame is possible with that engine.
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you are joking right ? , i cant get over 7 in one frame D:
i cant freaking believe it ... your just better then me in this

can you teach me how to toribash please ?
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That was... Jesus christ, pusga. Once again, you have proven your legend status to be well deserved. This is seriously insane.