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(Athens) Athens Recruitment Thread
Hi i'm hellminton, founder of this awesome clan! I made this clan, because i had 40k. And I was bored! This clan was made at: 3:15 AM 12/22/2014

We are Athens. We are mighty. Our spears shatter enemy's morale as we swoop in with archers sent from the heavens!! We crush any man who dares defy us! We don't lose we don't draw it's either victory or DEATH!!!!

Would you like to apply? Here's how you do it:

1. See me in a game? Whisper me and say you'd like to join us! ill take you into a private room and test you!

2. Pm me and say you would join our might cause! ill ask you a few questions and then if you fit our thirst for blood, You will be sent straight to Athens!

3. Ask me on steam, User: Contraband, Picture: bob saget


Black belt, Or highly skilled brown.

Nice: don't be a jerk. No one likes jerks.

Be with cause: don't join Athens because you don't have a clan, join Athens so we can lead a mighty EMPIRE!!!

Thanks for your time!!!! Now to BATTLE!!!!!
I reecruta the clan together we can go far longer belt disistiremos am highly qualified to brow subistituir one 2thdam black belt
Ill like to join Athens, it's a cool clan, i've seen many player on this clan and they are completely bosses at it, so... If you want to check my user card here it is:
I like to play parkour/mushu/ABD
Say something about the app please, say if something is wrong
Haluejah, the next time you see me, hellminton, or Jestier ingame (We are most likely at the Public Boxshu server), ask to be tested for the clan. Each new recruit must be combat tested by one of us in order to determine if they should be accepted or not. Goodluck!
Can you invite me back to this awesome clan i accidently left and would like to participated in wars thank you and please invite
Hi I'm GamingPro928 I am a Brown Belt i am very skilled in my opinion I would like to see how skilled I am according to you. Please test me I am good in wushu, judo, lenshu, and boxshu
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