hmm actually you know what?.. since we hang mostly at wushu3 server min belt will be changed to black
so yeah..

if you are black belt or above you can join
tell me about aikido
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Hi, I don't know if you're still redruiting but..Whatever, doenst hurt to try.

My name is DiabolicPanda

I'm a 17 yr old 3rd dan Blackbelt.

I've been in 2 clans so far. I was kicked from one (I don't know why) and everyone left my second one (I was the last member). The Reason I want to join fl0w is not just because I'm good at Wushu, but also cause I'm a generally funny and friendly person (sometimes I can go a bit too far and be abit f***ed up) and I want to meet and make friends in this game and also to improve my skills even further at wushu with a friendly group of players.

My toribash Replay files keep getting corrupt and come out as a digital mess so I wasn't able to upload a replay. I also play mushu. I heard this clan doesn't like mushu but I thought you should just know.