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Off Topic tiem: Sometimes I wonder...

Right.... back to bed /o/

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I was about to reply Fear telling this thread was kindof meant for off topic posting, and well, Final's post encouraged me to brand this thread as so.

Alright: renaming thread.
Found an abandoned undersea mine, there i found some slimes, diamonds on surfaces, and diamonds inside chests, also got 18 exp points by killing some mobs, found a music disk inside another chest and managed to get a total of 21 diamonds, I was also carrying both enchanted diamond sword and pick. Died.

Found the spot of my death, no items. Died.

Got over it. Gone to get sugar canes, got 108 of it (64,44), started to dig downwards, found an unvisited spot of the same mine, found even more diamond on the walls, and some more because such spot was linked to a cave. escaped, got to the surface. Died.

Found the spot of my death, no items. Died.

I love Mynecroft.

I like spelling Minecraft with english tone
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Thats usually how it goes for me too, except I probably would have quit after the first death.
Hm... also forgot to add that I accidentally destroyed my enchantment table (This) because i punched it instead of mining it. That time i got so pissed that i managed to dig downwards, find a cave find diamond find obsidian and mine it , get back to surface and craft a brand new table.