Golem IV - Rise of MELOG
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#Vector Party
So, yea, chat.
Don't spam, Invades are welcome.

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Hello. Sorry for my inactivity (Already told that for Overlord via PM)

Also congrats for us !!!

█████ Vector █████
█ ███████ █
Not spamming in chat? hehehehehehhehe

EDIT: Question to all of You, what do my dear clan think about toribash on Steam? O:
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OverLord , you should remove the hashTags and put [ ] instead

also make a jokes thread (:
Poop poop poop shit shit piss pussy pear-shaped person peice of shit
when i saw the thread had been closed i thought you closed the clan. i was like... o-o
then i saw all congratz messages.

gz us =D
When I saw congrats for Vector on my TABD org, I thought myself dreaming, or like if it was just me seeing wrong words or idk... But when i clicked Clans up, and clicked on [Vector], I saw that it was real. Yeah, dreams are reality.
█████ Vector █████
█ ███████ █
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Yeah, dreams are reality.

SO i really can fly O:
~RIP [Vector], Shikkumo's butthole
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