Golem IV - Rise of MELOG
That's a good app and great replays It's a yes from me to both.
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I want to join because I feel like I found a clan that I'll finally fit into and be loyal to. Not a clan whose leader is always in trouble, getting banned because of scamming, and alot of immature members. And I dont usually see too many players in-game so why not help to be active in-game.
Okay. I like you. Means that I've changed my opinion to a positive aka "yes"*
EDIT: Overlord invited Rajere to join Vector on 2013-07-02. Be active.
EDIT2: Overlord invited Litc to join Vector on 2013-07-02. Add me to skype (perfectnoice) and be a nice guy.
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I appreciate it.

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congratz and welcome
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