Hey guys, so first let me say , i've been in a few clans in the past and i haven't really considered them to be all that great as they first appeared when i did some reflecting . So now i hope to change that, hence why i chose to app for Vector.
A few of you might have known me from previous encounters, perhaps some of you still remember me . I remember meeting Overlord when i hosted a sparring server , Hours in a couple replay making threads , Patrickooo from my time in [Asian], 1TheV from a couple ingame matches , also , i've seen BrrrHaHa around in a few -30grav servers but we almost never spoke so perhaps that's about it for me on addressing my encounters with you guys. Needless to say , from what i've seen you're all great people/players and i have always had a desire to become a part of Vector , but i never believed that i was good enough so i decided to hon my skills a little more before doing so. Anyways , for the rest of you who've never met me, allow me to introduce myself.
My real name is Chad Murray and I am currently 16 years old and i come from the beautiful Caribbean isle of Barbados. I began my TB career either late december 2011 or early January 2012 . My first real account being 2Raw4u. I then later created this account sometime in Sep.2012 and it sorta became my main.I'm currently a 4th dan , achieved this feat a while ago , so I believe i'm still quite a ways away from becoming 5th dan .As a matter of fact i'm like 300 or so games away from reaching it.
Here's my user card so you all might see my info.
Anyways , i've been playing toribash for a year and some now and I can say that i firmly believe that I've improved greatly since that day i saw Nerd3 fucking around in toribash and decided to give it a shot.


Also , i'd just like to throw this out there and say that taken elongated breaks in the past. This was when i was studying for some major exams and i didn't come on TB for a month or two.
The Second time was when i went travelling with my family , and i was away for 3-4 weeks.
I've been in a number of clans, most i've left because of their dearth in activity . I usually stuck around to posting daily in hopes that they'd come around but they usually never did so i ended up departing.I'll just state the clans along with the reason(s) why i left.
[Smile] Renamed to [Brave]: I left because the clan was very inactive and died.
[Pulse]: Died
[Pure Chaos]: i was kicked for inactivity because it was my mid-terms in school and i didn't have time to inform them because i was studying.
[Smoke] : Went pretty close to dying point and was kicked for inactivity due to exams and my laptop Fucked up had to be fixed around that time, so i was unable to inform them :/.
[Asian]: Not much activity going on with that clan. Died shortly after i left.
[Entity]: I simply lost interest in that clan because it had little to no activity what so ever.
[iCoF]: I forgot why i left them honestly , i think they went like extremely inactive or something.
[Rust]: eh , what should i say here...well long story short me and a couple members had a little problems which started when one of them provoked me a number of times ingame , it never quelled so i decided to leave and make my own clan , but was kicked right before i left , go figure.
[Meth] : Poor maintenance on both ispeed's and my part.
And last but not least , dear old [Ethereal] : Hands down one of my favorite clans , i met the most wonderful people there who quickly became my friends , and more or less my family. I'll be honest and say i do regret leaving them , but as everyone knows ethr is on it's final legs and isn't thriving too well. Ave quit TB apparently and inf is here and there. I'm usually one of the most active members as of recent.

On a different and more cheerful note , i do have a few qualities and talent's if you may , that i can offer to you all at [Vector]. I'm a fine marketer ,I made 250k last week from making and selling art alone, i tend to only market when i need some cash for prostitutes..Also, i'm a beginner artist , like "omg you're shit" beginner. So if you're looking for shit art then nigma is your guy ;) haha.
In forum activity i'd say i'm fairly active , i always make an effort to post in the clan DSC to keep abreast of all that is currently happening which involves the clan, other than that i post on support threads and things of the sort to help out others. If not i sometimes post on random shit for the lolz or what not. Regarding my ingame activity , i'd say i'm really active in this respect. You can type /sa nigma and almost always find me in either a sparring , parkour , judo lenshu , aikido or impro only wushu/wushu variant servers.
As for bans and infracts. I have 4 minor infracts, but nothing major i'd say , only 3 useless posts, 1 insult , all of which were acquired when i was browsing the art/texture threads and came across the most hideous head textures i had seen in my entire life. I was a bit edgy i'd say at the time and posted and said that the heads were shit and offered 1 tc on em.lolz.
As for bans , i had a little ban scare . It was a long story and consisted mainly of a misunderstanding, because the guy went inactive for three weeks after he sent me the items/tc , i had sold the items by time he had returned so i couldn't return them so he reported me and i got banned . I was supposed to give him a PSN code but it was going to expire while he was inactive so i was forced to used it..otherwise it'd be a waste of 20bucks. Anyways , shortly after we sorted things out , i was planning on going to the local store and purchasing a card the following day and get unbanned , but evidently , both stores were terminated because they weren't making enough money so i had problems acquireing a new card.Yes , i said both stores , because ya see Barbados isn't a big country and had one game store located in Speightstown and the other in Bridgetown.Also Barbados isn't a gamer friendly country so buying games here is kinda expensive. Ya'll complain about playing 60bucks for a new game but we have to pay between 180 to 209 bucks for a new game, and don't even want to know the price of popular gaming console. Feel free to PM me if you wish to know anymore on the matter.
Anyways , moving along ,

Dem Art Skillz

I'll conclude my posting a couple replays, one or two vids and a few pics of me. .
~Here's hoping.

Also i nearly forgot. It's a pic of me.


Totally not a smoker

Deakmaniac says i look liek soulja boy. . .

I appear first in both.

Skype : Rollinpapers06
MSN : [email protected]
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Hello,my name is Khalfani Chambers,I'm 12 and I live in New Jersey of the United States and my GMT is -4.

I have been in Vector once,and after a while of thinking I have decided to re-app.

I know alot of people from Vector,these people include 1TheV from sparring and video making, BrrrHaha from sparring( lol?), Overlord from his art thread which was fucking epic good job man.Hours and me have been in game once but from that one time in game and the multiple times on the forums I can tell he is a guy I would want to be friends with.

I would like to join Vector because there are great artist here and wonderful replay makes,right now I suck at replay making and I would like to improve upon. I would also like to improve my art skills and just become a better person generally.

I have been in one video,and of course it is by the great 1TheV
ps:Im the ninja dud getting my ass kicked by zeroback

Here is my Info Card:

Here are some examples of my art:

I hope I am accepted and to have a long and prosperous time here.
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damn im gettin old
Fourth replay in Nigma's app is stolen. Made by Mosier

Lemme find the sources for the others. Pretty sure they're stolen too.
Originally Posted by Wesmrocks View Post
Fourth replay in Nigma's app is stolen. Made by Mosier

Originally Posted by Litc View Post
seems you have good reputation too

Yes. He do.
About that replay , I already explained to Wes , I doubt he believes me , but I told my brother to edit the replays to have the correct clan tag because I made most before I changed clans . He obviously edited and uploaded the wrong ones .
Believe me or not its fine. After writing my app I had to leave home so I told him to upload replays for me .
Edit : I removed the replays , I'll add new ones when I get home , I'm on a phone so I can't upload new ones , sorry about all of this.
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