Golem IV - Rise of MELOG
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Must read before applying.

Vector - clan, which purpous is to get the best art- / replay- / texture- / video- makers into it.
In your application you must type in as much information as you could about yourself. Your nickname should be readable. We most prefer applications in a free form. You must also give us some of your best replays in order to make it in the clan.
We don't care about your belt, we care about your skill.
If you're getting accepted, you'll be moved to trials, which includes an entire week of hard work.
To become a part of Vector you must pass the trials week which includes regularly posting on #Vector Party, #Replays, and #Art (If you're into art).
After we've established everything, members will get a second turn at voting stating their last decision about you whether you stay or leave the clan.
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