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Rules of our board.

Main clan rules.
1. Use your brain, if you don't have one don't
post on this board.

2. Do not post false, incorrect or dishonest
3. Do not insult or be nasty to people.
4. Do not make purposeless, not worth
reading, non-constructive or off-topic posts in #Vector Party and #Russian talk place
5. Do not post things that have already been
6. Do not try to waste our time with pathetic
things like wanting mutes removed from your
punish log.
7. Do not post illegal content or link to illegal content including copyright infringing content. (this is a main forum rule, so follow it please)
8. Do not post or link to pornographic, disgusting or generally not appropriate content. (also a main forum rule)
9. Do not make too short posts.

Rules of the replay thread.
1. Comment and Criticize (CnC) the replay before your own if you're willing to post one. If you don't, your post will be removed.
2. Do not post a replay without giving the previous poster some constructive criticism.
3. Do not give criticism like; nice, liked the kick. Or; I liked it, good kick. Give some real criticism so they'll know what they did wrong and must work on next time.

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