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Question for any who knows Torbiash very-very well! it's important for MEEE!!! ty

I really love playing Toribash online, but sometimes i just want to do ... "Tori-roleplay":
I remember that there was a program called "Replay Generator" that gives me the opportunity to create those
fake maches between the people that i have met online (showing the costume and the name).
There was no possibility to save the replay and that was fine.
I wonder if there is another way to do the same thing on this version ... To be clear:
1) It can be Offline
2) Playing not with just the costume but with the character (Showing also the name)
and ... that's all.

Thank you so much for listening to me.
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You can always /lp 1 there player name but they wont play by themselves.
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Thank you! This is very help full!
So /lp 0 changes me and /lp 1 changes uke.:tbcoo l:

Thank you!!!!
Tonight ... Biko Joins the Hunt!