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Try a bolognese sauce. I'd like if you'd post some pictures too, if you make it. I'd like to compare yours and mine. I make it in a semi nontraditional way, but still resembles bolognese.

If you post yours, I'll post mine to compare.

Oh my man. I would eat bolognese every day such a tasty, high calorie and even healthy food. Add some cheese on top of it while it is warm so it melts and you get best meal ever.
Here we have a bolognese carbonara where the sauce was cooked with egg in it and then 2 celery stalks, a carrot, half of vegan ground pork, tomato crushed with basil and a lot of garlic. Then parsley in every step from sauteed veggies to after putting it together. Then 3 peices of basil with the pot closed to cook the rest in.
You have to mix the eggs with cheese then put it into the sauce
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aye, the photo is dead
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Interesting one sec, I just made it an attachment now.
You sautee the veggies for about 5 to 10 kind with garlic and oil. Then cooked the "meat" separate. Whisked 2 eggs with Romano cheese. Brought the sauce up to almost boiling and then added the eggs. Once that was all done I combined it all with the pasta and mixed it all. The placed basil and parsley in the put letting it cook without heat in the pot.
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