Ok hear me out. The ability to decide whos butthole your poop comes out of.

Say I have to poop right, and I just fucking despise my coworker Dave. I start pooping... but it comes out of Dave's butthole. Dave just shit his pants. Take that Dave.

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إد هو العاهرة
Teleportation has always seemes utterly broken and fun to me, so I'll go with that.

Shapeshifting is a close second though...
<Hush> the beat feature sounds like the main event at a circle jerk festival
I love the idea of freezing and burning stuff so I'd love a power where I can burn and freeze things since that would give me so much freedom to do stuff
ishi - "I'm Hampa's Bitch Slappin' Hand"
I'm so proud Sparky
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rapid learning or great talent, 1 hour of studying/practicing equals 5 hours for others with average talent

why? it wouldn’t stand out, I’d be able to learn/practice anything I wanted without too much effort but also not too little effort to make life boring.

also only a small risk of becoming too arrogant/feeling a superior to others

try reading a book called the talent code, this superpower pretty much exists with some science backed tips to do it

I'd read minds, I think i could hack the drawbacks
or maybe invisibility ( don't ask me why you don't want the answers )