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beating my meat, playing fivem and exercising

At least you do it too... i mean exercising obvious ;)
<Angels> watch weed win while matty fappin

Play online with my friends, sometimes still go to work, and just talk to my friends through facetime or whatever and have fun with them
losing weights as well watching hentai some times maybe eat
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Tbh I can't do much in here first my internet is always 100 kbps I'm always mad lol and all I do is wake up help mom throw garbage talk to my bro a bit watch some film on TV and then play tb and chat with friends on discord but if you need ideas on what to do,if I had fast internet that's what all I need watch anime and shows and films that are legit and not weird films on tv but that's how the internet in my place is so I'll deal with it
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omg is the puppy cute.

I've personally been playing a ton of TFT and Toribash. Been doing school work when I feel like it and just relaxing with the time off that I have
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I'm so proud Sparky
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clearing out my backlog of games i haven't finished / never played

Tbh that's a good idea I got many games that are large like dragon age orgins I stoped playing since it requires lots of times but I'm playing it again
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