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Pain System And Timed Grab On/Off
Well, i was thinking with some friends, and finally decided to post this idea here.
(Was lazy, doing others things and etc before)

Pain System:

Every time you get a strong hit, the area you're hit becomes Red, depending on the strong of that hit The Red is more visible.
If the Member/Joint become Fully Red Visible, the pain system would work, contracting that Joint/Member close to the center of the body, like a human do it when have Pain.

The Good About it: Would make the game more realistic for spars and such.

The Bad About it: In other fight mods, like Wushu,Aikido,Judo,etc would RUIN literally RUIN the oponent's move, "Kick, Leg Full Red, Contract Leg", i think you get it.
For this the ON/OFF option in the Mod Info Menu.

Timed Grab:

The first mod to come in our minds when we talk about Grab is Aikido, and i know, Timed grab in aikido would suck the mod itself. (ON/OFF Option again)

Timed grab would be adjustable, just like Dismemberment,Fracture,Weigh,etc.

Grab Time: 200 Frames
Recharge Grab Time: 100 Frames

I also think that this Timed Grab would be awesome for tourneys, so people won't spam Grab and etc. Skill + Brain = Great Gameplay.

Waiting For Opinions.
Help a Bro