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id use the "end_game" hook, and skip waiting altogether.

otherwise, there is the "enter_frame" hook, if you really need to check each frame for a particular thing

couldn't find that hook, nor can i find the startup file where all the hooks are haha. do you know where that's located? Thanks!
its startup.lua in the scripts folder. you can also look at the sdk folder for some different functions
Can you manipulate game rules during a single player game? You can manipulate the mod, im unsure of how to change something like gravity though

EDIT: I assume you cant't; you cant change the gravity of a replay mid replay lol
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The get_head_info function
Hello !

I would like to have the info of the head position !
That is not shown by get_joint_pos function !
and get_head_info(index_player) return 0...

How to get it ?

I am also trying to connect information given by the POS in replay and the one given by get_joint_pos

In the replay there are 21*3 coordinate. But get_joint_pos only give 20*3 coordinate.
I am supposing that the 3 first coordinate are the one related with the head.
How to get it ?

thank you guys !
reHello !

I saw that the NEWGAME line is not completly know (some piece of it are still unknow)

Does anyone know all the information inside the NEWGAME line ?

I suppose that it should contain most of information contained in the get_world_state but I still have no idea which one for the most of the entries


It seems that POS in .rpl file is refering to get_body_info(player_index).pos
I am not sure of tht but the 21*3 parameters would make more sense.

If anyone know for sure that my supposition is right it could be nice to confirm !

The 3 first cordinate are the head one. I edited a .rpl file to change head position to be sure.

the 3 next are the neck then I do not check. But I suppose that it is the same order that with get_body_info.


NEWGAME line is a mess and differs according to versions of replay.
In Version 12 we have :

1000 1 15 0 0 2 1000 0 0 classic 0 0 100 0 0 0 1 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0.000000 0.000000 -9.820000 0 0 0 0 8 :
matchframe turnframes reactiontime ? ? flag engadistance damage sumo mod ? dojosize dismemberthreshold fracturethreshold engageheight ? ? ? ? engagerotation ? engagespace dqtimeout ? dojotype gravity.x gravity.y gravity.z dqflag ? drawwinner pointthreshold maxcontacts
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How do I install scripts using linux?
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goto ~/.local/share/Steam/steamapps/Toribash/data/script
paste lua script there.