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The Rise and Fall of [Alpha]
As most of you know, the clan [Alpha] is dying.
Instead of helping them, all we can do now is to sit back and remember [Alpha] as they turn into dust.
Feel free to add more stories in between their achievements by sending me a PM or posting in this thread.

Winners of Clan League 2009

Winners of Clan League 2014

Winners of the Clan Siege 2015

Winners of Clan League 2017
TIcux recruits some of the best players in the game to win two consecutive clan leagues. They dominated every clan that stood in their way.
9-2 against HACK
8-1 against Undead
8-1 against Chivalry
had a heated battle against [Parrot] with the score of 8-6.

Winners of Clan League 2018
With some of the most notorious duelers in the game, [Alpha] lifted, [Alpha] shoveled, and [Alpha] fucked everyone up. In the finals, they went 13-11 against [Obey].

Clan League 2019
Fire became the leader, got Diamond and Cicada to join. In addition to that, he let in some players who were scraped off the floor such as Swaves, Quis, shredder, and Lisa.
Lost a tiebreaker match to Obey in the semifinals due to a ping and forfeit against fl0w.
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