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Tips for getting started on the market?
Hi, i'm relatively new to this comunity (i've played a year ago), and i rly need some tips for getting profit on the low items market. I'm accustomed to the buy/sell thing, but i don't rly know how to start making money with 1650 tc.

Btw: i will not buy tori boosters or pay money, i want to start by my own, so any tip is apreciated

PD: Thanks in advance
Well, some more start money would be better but its fine, then... do marketing over the forum not the market, forum is much cheaper.. you also need time that u can read all threads.. try to only buy forces and relaxes then u know u can sell it too.. i think thats enough for the start of marketig if u still have questions, write me a pm or post here ^^
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