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(Enforce) Recruitment Thread


Belt: Black belt nearly in 2nd
Favorite Mod: Mushu,Wushu,Aikido,TwinSwords and xSpar
Best Mod: Mushu
Skype: adayinporto
Previous clan:Predator or Spartans/Orion
Im friendly,patient,happy and smart i like donuts!!!!!!! =D i help if you need im a good player in toribash,good player in football and in Volley ball Im from portugal,Porto but i speak english very well im good in matematic and english i have brown hair , brown eyes im tall and my weight is 44.5 , and i like to see videos in youtube i want to be a very good player like (Costum belt) or more , and be a good tricker in toribash , Im active in forum and in game
Why i want to join this clan:because i like to help in clan wars,improve my skills and put this clan on the top of the tops
How can i help the clan: i help the clan helping to win clan wars make this clan official
be a good player for this clan and help making a clan video , be the best clan in toribash
what i think of this clan is:this clan have potencial to be the best clan and i think he is good
Thanks For The Time =D

G00000000000000000000000000000000000D ByE
I dont know what the other leaders think but i love this app ^^^^^^
spar me sometime ;)
i am awesome dont question it just deal with it
Ph1l1 arrange a scheduled test with him if you want him to join. You69Down pm me when you are online so i can give you an ingame test.
My name is James (a.k.a. ThaHazer) and I would like to apply to be with your clan. . I have been playing Toribash for about 3 months. I am a 14 year old American boy from Missouri. I found the game on youtube after searching for some funny gameplay from sumotori and other indie games like that and a video of a game called Toribash popped up. I searched and found out it was free. After downloading it, I fell in love with it. I have been playing nonstop ever since I started. I researched a little further to find out what they do. After reading about it, I became very interested in what they did. I wanted to do something more than just play. I wondered a while before researching how to apply. After seeing the likes of you and others like monk, Fish, and AzureMage and all that you were offering people in terms of fun and entertainment, I thought I should try for Enforce clan. I enjoy being around other people. I play a lot of team sports for that reason. I am a decent leader and a pretty good negotiator.. My dad is a lawyer which might contribute to that. Useless detail, but let's forgive this. I just want to help people have fun. I watch a lot of youtube lpers (create "let's plays") and pay attention to how they do things so that I may be able to do that ,too. . I am a very quick learner. I don't know as much about the game as some people, but if someone teaches me then I will pick it up very easily.I am very all around in my skills so I could probably help with a lot of things.I like playing many like mushu and wushu and the other mods like that but i hate aikido so i can help u in clan wars.Thanks for considering my application. -James.
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Good application James, but your win ratio doesnt meet the clan demands. I will have to decline you from joining this clan. What you can do is get more experience and try to get your win ratio up. I hope you will find a clan soon man