A very special app :3
Well, my name's Dylan, or my in-game name KaZyDoG (I'm 5th Dan, with 49% win ration. You can make an acception on that right it's like 1%) as you'll be able to tell by the name in the top left, but I gotta satisfy the app's rules. I'm 13 years old almost fourteen, the only hobby I really have is playing video games, but if you put a pencil and paper in my hands I'll be sketching for like an hour or two. My favorite mod would have to be ABD, although I really enjoy mushu as well. I'm really inactive in-game I'm on everyday and I stay up playing usually too, I scroll through forums all the time(Mainly the art thread)but so I can be considered active on forums I'm going to start replying to stuff on the art thread. As for the reason I want to join Enforce, you guy's are like absolutely amazing, you're members are really funny and seem easy to get along with. I've met several of your members in-game and haven't disliked one yet and that's what I look for in a clan, so hopefully this app is good enough, well have a nice day or night according to what time it is when you read this..

Skype: DylanIsMyName

Steam: Asriel Dreemurr (DieLan)
Hello , my name is Yoann im 14 years old , i live in France , i can speak english if i obligated , im 2th dan (game name is PoneySuce) im here cause i really want to join a clan , i was in the Knight clan , but nobody is connected , i search an active clan cause im fan of toribash and im decided to do all of me for do the objectives of the clan , thats why i really want to join this clan (53% win rate) favorite mod: wushu/aikido
Skype : braiche22
steam: yoann20132 or SmokedLama ( i never know who is the real im sorry)
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as you can see im very active ^^ 8/10 active in game
7/10 active in forum
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hello enforce!!!!!
I love this clan and will never stop trying to get in this clan is the best clan has been for a while u guys have just been on the come up. I could tell u many reasons why I want to get in but theres no reason to tell because they are simple. A challenge I want to join a clan where ever game is a constant challenge. talking and being in servers with yall is amazing and ever time is a lot of fun

What do you have to offer enforce

I will bring to enforce a player that will give the time and the work to make this clan its best, And also a player that will try to be around for war. this clan is the best so there is not much u need but any thing u need help with or anything else I am all ears to help no matter how crazy of a thing it is. But all in all I bring this clan a heart that is willing to work for the top.

Some things about myself

thing about me Well I am young 15 year old and I am planning on going to high school this year. I live with my mom. I found out about this game in 2014 so that's the year I started. I truly found out about this game from a mans son who played the game and ever sense then I have been play but nut much in 2015 after my computer broke, but I am full active all this year. I have played football basketball bla bla bla sports but theres a lot of other dumb stuff that have done that makes no sense and has noooo place in a app. for one when I was living the full nerd life I did I lot and I say a lot of stuff that mincraft and other games weren't made for. but that's a story for another day

My experience with Toribash

my experience in toribash comes from masters to custom belts to most of your members I try my hards in ever game I play and I hope to play many more has a member of clan. I understand this is the top clan and that u have many people trying to get in ever day, but I am here to prove to u that I am a good player that puts his hard in the game in ever mod we play. no I am not this best in all but my mains are boxshu mushu judo abd and just normal aikido and I am trying to get better in lenshu and erthtkv2. but no matter the mod I am trying my hardest and also putting my heart in it

food for thought
I have been posting more and have been working on my skills

need to talk to me

my skype is facebookkendal.davis.52

-thank u for putting thought in to adding me to the clan and for evern reading what I said. no matter how u feel I will never give up trying to get in thank u for your time

this is a one of the best apps ive seen but i need to find time to test u ingame first so be active starting from tomorow
i am awesome dont question it just deal with it