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(Veal) Vengeance Recruitment

Please make a free form application and do your best. Your application will get a response within 3 day or less so be patient.
Heads of recruitment: SVTCobra, Goku and Krisis13

What you need to include in your application


After you get accepted we will invite you in game for further testing.
2nd Dan and up to apply to this clan!
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Hi. It's me again. Before I start, I know I did fucking horrible (pardon my french) when you tested me, but usually I don't play that bad. That's why I'm going to upload some of my other ABD Replays. Cheers!

As stated earlier, my name is ZephAxix, but you can call me Zeph. I'm 15 years old and I'm a girl. Please refrain from calling me "Bruh, bro, dude, man, etc". I'm currently a black belt, and I'm about 250 Games away from 2nd Dan. I used to be in a clan called "TV" as in, The Villains. I eventually left that clan even though I was a senior officer because it was a little too slow for me. I want to join Veal, firstly because I want to prove to you that I don't suck (it's an obsessive thing), but mainly because I want to get better. After seeing how skilled all of you are, I feel I could learn a lot. I have some replays below. Just FYI, two of those Replays are on my alt, DefNotZeph, who is my bank.
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Kyure Moderated Message:
Make sure you explain why you like the movies!
But..But..It was scary ;-;
A quick note before i start my app. Although it is written in your rules that their is a belt limit, their is no explicit prohibition of alts, and seeing as my main is a 5th dan, I am therefore eligible to apply.

Hello, I'm Pixall. I am a green belt, though my main is fifth dan. I was originally in Command, but left. It wasn't a good fit to say the least. As for why you should take me in, I've had plenty of experience both being in high ranking clans and leading such clans, and therefore could serve as a valuable asset in terms of filling an authority role or serving as a facilitator, as I've had debate experience as well. I also, though only to a degree, can do well in wars.

I don't have replays to show, though I will gladly consent to being tested in game.

So long and thank you for your time.
The app is very good ZephAxix willing to give you the chance to join the clan as well prove your skill. Pixall we don't accept alternative accounts.
My name is nicejesus
My belt is customumom
My age is 17
My previous clans were badco, which i left because i was the last active member. Aeon, i left because it just wasnt what i was looking for in a clan. And wapow in which i was kicked along with a wave of 3-6 members for "huge changes in the clan" and "various reasons". i stay in a clan as long as i can unless it is either really lonely or i get the boot.
i want to join Veal because i need a active clan with skilled warriors amongst their ranks. why you should invite me to the clan, I am active and like to do things with the clans im in like wars and events, also im lonely.
p.s. im not sure if i need replays since i will be tested after this application.
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Thanks for the invite guys. Nicejesus, welcome to the clan! I just hope you don't clan hop (you were in [WAPOW] just yesterday). Have fun!
Kyure Moderated Message:
Make sure you explain why you like the movies!
But..But..It was scary ;-;
Zeph leave responding to recruitment stuff to me bio and Krisis. If you have Skype or steam please pm me it nicejesus
Hey! Hope I get in c:
1:I'm 13 years old ( My birthday is in January 7 )
2:My first name is Jose
3:My belt is 6th dan
6:My main is "Rivaille19" and my alt is "jose1928" (I don't use my alt anyway)
5:I want to join this clan because it look nice, the thread looks good .3.

Additional information

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Got decaped but won.rpl (99.2 KB, 11 views)
Just... Toribash!.rpl (43.9 KB, 4 views)
My hand out, your arm out.rpl (49.6 KB, 4 views)
Near to death.rpl (49.7 KB, 3 views)
Saves tournament.rpl (38.6 KB, 3 views)
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