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Seems like its over...
Well, thats a wasted 20k, If I hadn't been originally banned, this clan would be at the top. Sorry guys,
R.I.P. Scream.
R.I.P. GlacierMan

I'm sad that this clan died, I expected more out of you guys.

But then again, its my fault anyways, If i hadn't been banned, we would have had quite a lot of good people in here, shoutout to latin, inuyasha, reddeath, omega, greatguy, aaron and greatone and all the other people who formed this clan with me.
yup...i fought for you's in the old time wen Glacierman fot "hacked" by oldbean for the texts
It had it's time... then everything went down hill starting when glaciered "got hacked", then the leader change, lack of forum use, leader not being active, then I wasn't active then it just died... that is after another leader change. Oh well it's time for the big sleep for clan Scream.