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Im sorry for u Tehbasher ima bringer of death for clans.I joined SyN it died joined Dynamic it died joined Sauce and it died too.i feel sorry but u r angry for me no matter how i apologize.
Sucks. Well, I liked this clan, shame to see it dead.

Good luck TehBasher :P
You just wasted 5 seconds of your life. Congratulations!
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WTF hven did this hapen?

jeje thx fore all good every body
and a spesol thx to homer and thebasher for the jurny
Dang, that really sucks. Basher, if you lead another clan, invite me! =D You know, given the chance I'd help this place out, if I knew it was this bad.
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i like the kind of sauce that dies after 2-3 weeks

Sorry, but lol.
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*breaks door*
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I laugh at you. ~TehBasher

Bit of power abuse? He has a right to laugh at you, but no offence 2-3 weeks is not long at all. Leading a clan is hard...but you didn't take charge as much as you could've.

BTW, if you edit this i will be very angry.

edited.. 1 and a half years later.. ARE YOU ANGRY?!
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