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[Shop] HSC Textures!
Welcome to the Sny and Cyborgzx texture shop,we do : Heads,sets,avvys,banners,logos,sigs,user titles and more!
Examples :



Price ranges :
Heads :
Ok heads - 1k - 4k
Good heads - 5k - 9k
Epic heads - 10k - 20k

Sets :
Ok sets - 7k - 19k
Good sets - 20k - 35k
Epic sets - 45k - 150k

Avvys :
Ok avvys - 1k - 2k
Good avvys - 2k - 4k
Epic avvys - 5k - 10k

Sigs :
Ok sigs - 2k - 3k
Good sigs - 4k - 7k
Epic sigs - 7k - 15k

I don't think I need to put prices for other things,you get the idea right.

Requests :
Colours :
Style :
Overall look :
Creator : (we can work together if you want)
other :
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Tint is sex.
hmmm. That set want my work lolz. ( the first one ) you need to remove it. i will do a example for this. and oh... those heads are very very very very very old. they were my first ones. you need to change them xD

I will provide you examples that you can post.
My friend> I like porn
MY friend> EEEh.. i mean Korn
i will try gala's request. will post updates here and in your thread.
My friend> I like porn
MY friend> EEEh.. i mean Korn
I won't make anythig because don't have internet on my computer ,I'll get internet in a few days..Also,sorry for the examples of mine,I will make better ones soon.
Tint is sex.