We are the new ORMO and this time it stands for

Made by social activist
Ok (but said by lil jon)

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إد هو العاهرة
as a stock folder replaymaker i approve of this
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"Macks replays are racist" -Larfen
Hello it is my birthday, I think I will start of my celebrations by destroying the patriarchy!

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إد هو العاهرة
Unfortunately, we're not allowed to hand those out at our own discretion and convenience. If you would like your very own pass (either 1 time use, or permanent), try consulting a black member of society to complete your registration at their office.

I'm going to have to kindly ask for you to refrain posting here unless you have any contributions to our cause,- or would like to have a civil discussion. We are, if anything, non-extremist. However, seeing as you're quite barbaric and reliant on the old ways, it seems that may not be in the realm of possibilities for us moving forward.
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Idiocy aside, I'm privy to inform you that it's move-in week so I will not be available to, and I believe the proper term is, carry your ass in clan wars. So, someone else will be needing to step up. Also, do we have our hearts set on this particular clan dsc art? Seems like something that was whipped up in 3 minutes. Cumulatively.