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Toribash Weekly Competition

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Welcome To The
Toribash Weekly Competition

This Is A Youtube Series
Where I give you, the community, a challenge or task and every wednesday a winner is chosen who gets a 1000TC prize and a new competition starts.

To compete in the latest competition you must post your entry on this thread.

Please note the new competition comes out every Wednesday replacing the older ones

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September 05 THE END

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Season 1

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Originally Posted by lqeqeq View Post
So i was playing with bodedee and he asked me when the gm tourney was gonna start i told him in 1min and he said ok yea but when ?? I was laughing for days it was so funny

....The fuck?
[20:07] <@SpartaCraft> This is the sexiest potato I've ever made.
Originally Posted by SparChar View Post
I don't get how that's funny...

Especially on a dead thread.

I sense someone trying to gain posts. >.>
[20:07] <@SpartaCraft> This is the sexiest potato I've ever made.