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What way of dying do you fear the most?
Now, I am not afraid to die. Knowing that dying will either send me to an afterlife or just complete darkness where I can sleep forever, it doesn't sound that bad to me. What I am afraid of, though, is how I will die. Honestly anyone would want a quick and painless death and I'm no different. That's why I'm afraid of drowning or falling in lava. Any death that you have to suffer for an extended amount of time sucks.

What about you guys?
drowning or disease are probably my two choices.

i've almost drowned before, it's not a fun experience.
it's my plate you eat off.
berzerk why you duel running?
Excluding tortures, I'd place at the first place anything that includes suffocation followed by being stuck somewhere where I can't be saved. You know, the usual stuff like being blocked in a tight passage in a cave.
drowning via falling through ice. If you can't find the hole you fell through, it's game over, you lose. Even if you're a strong swimmer, you're dying if you can't break the ice.
unhappy with my life up to that point, don't really care how I go, as long as I did a decent job of life
[21:55] Icky: How the fuck can i make witty lines about blossoms without going full weeb
alone, by gravity, and disease.
being alone is awful on its own but in that circumstance it's even worse.
when falling from a huge height and seeing your fate below you on the ground knowing whats coming is scary.
disease is just a slow, gross and painful process which sucks
I fear of dying to suicide. Not that I'm suicidal or anything, but I fear of one day getting to the point where I see suicide as a valid option to leave this existence.
probably starving or drowning seem to be one of the worst ways to die, don't want that
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