Drowning is simply the worst. It's slow, it's agonizing and it's panic inducing, followed by the fact that if you happen to fall into water(not knowing how to swim, as in my case) and being alone, it's probablydefinetly a game over.
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the worst way would be getting killed by a ghost or some kind of dark presence that is really scary or something.
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unhappy with my life up to that point, don't really care how I go, as long as I did a decent job of life

you alright? are you truly unhappy with your life?
Probably Drowning Burning or slowly bleeding out after getting basically ripped in half and watching my guts spill ect.
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drowning via falling through ice. If you can't find the hole you fell through, it's game over, you lose. Even if you're a strong swimmer, you're dying if you can't break the ice.

this, completely this
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Oh wait

(Serious note i don’t really fear anything that much, i don’t really care HOW i die. It’s more of like, i’m gonna die anyways, so why not just bear the pain. But what pops in mind is getting my ballsack crushed.)
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>Get kidnapped
>Be locked in a soundproof place
>Be someone's "plaything" and get tortured
>Have a schedule so that I have time to recover and the person who has me can torture me for a longer period of time

Get tortured by...
getting beaten with any object, them burning me, choking me, and other torture methods till I'm left half dead BUT THEY WONT LEAVE ME HALF DEAD. THEY'LL MAKE ME RECOVER SO I GET TO EXPERIENCE IT ALL OVER AGAIN
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Hmm. Either being boiled alive since it is impossible to pass out from the shock . . .

Or being buried alive in coffin. Kinda like drowning, but you don't black out as quickly.
skydiving and the parachute doesnt want to open, thats some fucking scary shit. watching the ground come closer and closer in a quick way.
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