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I miss a majority of the OGS
I mean like I miss Xastle,Liar/hentai whatever he went by, firebolty etc. I want to just pay respect to those who are og’s and still here. Y’all deserve more respect. Also if anyone can get slot of liar y’all should give me his discord or something :,)
Save the bees
There should be an award for people that have the patience to deal with all this games shit religiously for more than 10 years
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Hustling for almost 10 years
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I've been here through the beginning and seen it all, it's been a great ride and I hope it continues for many more years to come.

You probably haven't heard of me, but that's ok.

My prime and fame in game was years and years ago

thank you though

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I literally haven't played since 2016. Joined sometime around 2012. Absolutely loved this game and spent a lot of time on it. When I get a computer again I'm gonna definitely get back into it. Hopefully the community is still intact. I've made some great memories on this game.
This is the oldest account I remember the login for but I started 2009-2010 somewhere around there. Yeah I miss seeing the ogs around. I think my favorite time was when Les Duncan started the whole esports thing that was fun
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