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[eVo] Arts & Crafts

So, basically, this is just a nice little area to post any art you've recently made (while obeying the basic forum rules, etc, blah blah blah) and want to show off.

Along with that, if you're looking for cnc, there's this simple little thing you can do: Add "Cnc please", in bold, to notify someone who plans on posting next.


So, feel free to post:

~Set Previews
~Traditional Art
~Non-Toribash related Digital Art
~Toribash related Digital Art.
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the goblin
My first artwork in GImp: 3
I did when I was 2dan (makes 6 months that have it)
is full 128
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Otávio Araújo
Verde não é uma cor criativa
For those who want to do some art, I'll leave the palette of colors that I use.
Otávio Araújo
Verde não é uma cor criativa
That looks hella dope. It could do with some actual hand textures though.

I'll post pics of the new set I made some time soon.
the goblin
So im looking for an artist to make me a complete texture set please pm me or reply here if you think you are up for it.
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poop working on the head.
for poop oop: [eVo] rasta (tell me if you want different style

working on the biceps and hands
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