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Unlimited Movements
If you've been into replay-making for a while now you've probably heard about the infamous joint limit.
It was said that you could only move a certain number of joints and that past that number when you saved the replay it would be completly blank, but a lot of players never noticed that limit since usually in a replay that you wrap up quickly you don't get to that limit.

It's only as you aim for more complex replays that you realize of its existance, and while doing a singleplayer spar for instance you'll easily find yourself getting blank save files.

Recently this has become my biggest problem while making replays and so with a bit of testing and NutHug's help I've realized that it's actually a limit of FRAME lines in the file, and the limit is of 255 FRAME lines. I've attached a replay proving this, if you make one more move after frame 245 you won't be able to save the replay successfully.

In other words and summing it up: (you can skip to this part)
-You can only make movements on 255 different individual frames;
-Without this limit we would be able to create replays that are a lot more complex and amazing;
-So the suggestion is to remove this limit if it's possible, I don't know the reason why it exists or how it could be fixed though since I know nothing about programming and the likes of it (which I assume is what this is about), but I know that a lot of players would benefit from this.
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Originally Posted by Tume View Post
I don't see the problem with the replay making can some one explain?

Maybe it's cause I am not that good yet xD

You can do just a limited movements in a replay. I noticed this when I was about 1500th Frame.
Noticed it too, and I find this bug very annoying because I have the habit of editing the joints a lot.
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this have to fix now... i do a freerun.... and i use more that 255 joings... was very pro tough... my best freerun... this have to be fix
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Now there's something for all the replay-makers to rejoice, a change that makes a huge difference!
Many thanks, hampa!
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Oh my goodness. So are we gonna be able to view our old replays that unfortunately hit the joint/frame limit in 4.1 ?
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