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Replay Settings Editor
There needs to be a feature where if your in single player, you can change the settings mid-match. Theres no worse feeling than you doing a sweet move, then you have your timer run out when your about to finish. :/
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There is no timer in single player, and reaction time is already a modifiable value in multiplayer.
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There is no timer in single player, and reaction time is already a modifiable value in multiplayer.

He was talking about Match Frames.

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If you do run out of time you can open up notepad and load your replay onto notepad. You can then change the amount of frames to 1000 or whatever you want. OR you can take precaution and just set them to 1500 or something super high at the start. If you don't wanna click space over and over to end it, you can click "P" and it'll play out the rest of the replay
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I got an idea for the replays. Like, a replay editor, built inside of the utils menu.
If you have like buttons, like camera angels, and slow motion and fast motion buttons in the bottom left and right corners. Also a "Change name" button, which makes you able to change the name of the selected replay in the GUI.
Also, fix the annoying glitch that when you make something, the replay doesn't show when you're done.
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The only useful idea i got from your post was a change name button, but that can easily be done in notepad or any text program.
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I think this is completely pointless, because you can already edit replays by clicking 'E'.
But like ike Slycooper said above, the change name button would be nice.
Well, i think that a slow motion thing like on the WII version, would be rather nice. It would also be helpful with videos. So idk, thanks for feedback though
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