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Qi per day?
Just a quick little thought that came to me.

Instead of having to do the calculations yourself,
maybe the website could calculate your qi per day, kinda like posts per day.
This could help with finding out if someone is active ingame.
I'm not sure where it would go, but I think it would be helpful anyways.
Probably near the "posts per day" in your user profile.

...Or is this already in the forums somewhere? >.<

Extra crap:
How I found mine: (Total Qi)((Total posts)(Posts per day))
How the website could: (Total Qi)(Days since join date)
I don't really see the use in knowing how much qi your get per day, unless you're applying for a clan that's looking for active members.
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That would be helpful.
This is the only problem:
Let's say you joined 2 years ago (730 days), and you have played 2000 games, but you stopped playing after the first year.
By using that equation, (2000/730) your qi per day would be roughly 2.74 qi per day. But, your qi per day would actually be roughly 5.48 (for the first year), and 0 (for the second year).

I think the only way to tell if someone is active would be:
(days ingame/qi)
Days ingame would be found by ever day that someone earns at least 1 qi.

If this formula will be used, I think that this suggestion should definitely be added.
Firebolty, that isn't accurate at all... It says I've played 6,600 games when I've played 10,000 games more than that. It has to do with the forum roll or something? So that feature you suggested only works for the most recent players
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It was cleared a while ago, as in, reset.

It captures the statistic for qi per day, though.

There is something wrong with that U_U
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