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Custom Body Parts
Now don't shoot this down. I know that people have said this before but i would like to alter what some have said.... Anyways... Make only certain body parts be able to alter its shape just by a tad but still have the same hit box. I think it'd be very cool to have this idea just for the fact of more character variety. And if this doesn't work than my next idea was clothes but that seems like it wouldn't work for many reasons.
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This is possible by modding

Gosh man

You can't edit a body part while keeping the hitbox the same with a mod.
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Starting poses
I think that starting poses should be added to the game. I don't really mean that you get to like choose a starting pose or anything, I just mean that some mods can have starting poses.
Look at this replay that I made for an example. (I hacked it :P)
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If you're able to code it then I guess there's no real need.
Although a tutorial on it would be quite helpful.
Also I made a replay from that pose so yeah, I can see the usefulness but the fact it can be coded makes it not needed as an additional feature.
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Use the mod maker in 4.0 to set poses "easily".

Quotations since really it aint so easy, but certainly easier than it used to be.

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@TheSecret, can you give me a name for one of the mods that already have starting poses?
@SkulFuk and Erth, thanks for that information.
Body modification (body shapes, stances, sizes)
Not sure if this has been suggested yet.
To be able to select which 3d shape object you want.On any body part.(e.g hands,legs.etc)
(Effect does not affect the damage in battle)
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What about not only square and circle but combinations?what im wanting is a cylindar-like head.
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