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Wolfboy, the leader, is leaving
hello guys, i been really busy and i decided to quit, don't worry if you paranoid who going to lead the clan, the clan will maybe be dead if someone didn't applied to be the leader so if you have any question, i will be leaving in February 6, 2009 so please ask question before the deadline.


What: applied for leader
When: all week, deadline: February 1,
why: i'm quitting the clan
how: pm me

please type a short paragraph explaining why you want to join and take over the clan.

to admin and agents, i still want the account, but i won't be online in multiplayer and toriforums

the deadline is February 1, but the voting will last until February 6.

well i received no PM... so... the Clan will be dead of none PM me within the end of the week
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Understood. I'll relay this information on to the Clan Council.
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