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Post here to join!
If you want to join please fill this form out with ur info.

Reason to join Mafia:
Favorite Mods:
What Skills you bring to Mafia:
Previous infractions:
Previous clans:
Why did you leave:
Have you been in any Organizations{which ones}:
Do you have an Xbox360,Wii,PS3{Optional but very helpful}:
What are your gamer tags(or friend code){Optional but very helpful}:
Replays{3 or more}( please no instagib):

here are some examples of some high reccomendations
1. try getting as many dismembers as possible
2. try not to lose a limb(wrist dont count)
3. if u can only get one dismember ment aim for the decap, split at limbar,abdominals, or chest/
4. dont make it very stiff movement(Use some relax)
5. dont noob clap or scissor
6. here are some of the clans finest replays

Demons227's replays:

Assault double kick.rpl

Tk Pwnage 5.rpl

Tk Pwnage 7.rpl

Lilwalts: add some delete this text when u do
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shouldnt you make us send in replays cuz i was gonna join this clan but its very unorginzed you dont even have to fill an app if this clan becomes more organized then ill apply
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where do i get the tag?

here r some repalys
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Belt:black belt
Reason to join Mafia:i know a friend and its a offical clan
Favorite Mods:akido,judo
What Skills you:
What Skills you bring to Mafia:my skills
Replays{3 or more}how to uploade?)
Hey Lilwalt look at mah post up ther wit da purple i prolly not gonna be on today im going somewhere with my girlfriend
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