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[u] Clan Art
Here, we can share any of our art or just show off our skill.
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Machismo case competition entries:

Valentine's day card event:

Kristis warrior:

In the name of my old set #1:

In the name of my old set #2:

Atlantic clan picture:

I have plenty more, But I'd rather make better one's,
C&C please.
I like the tories and the sword, the rest of the objects are not that great, I couldn't do anything like it though.
<&Fish>: did you just infract the toribot?
<&Fish>: you're fired
<JSnuffMARS> sounds like a drug-addiction or mastu(I'll censor that word)
<bishopONE>: also yeah fisting
<mwah> Gynx is it true you got admin over hero because hes from pakistan
Cool pictures.

But don't even wonder I post here, I'm not good at art. I can make a .bmp file if you want, that's all :P
Do it,
It's always nice to see what people can come up with eh?

Maybe we can start a clan art shop together someday...
Welcome to official clans!
U probably know about the graphic novel I'm making. Every ally of our clan will have a go in it. So i have a question about the look of your tori-island space. Since u are called Unknown I was thinking maybe some darker, mysterious look.
Something like sebaas sig

What do u think?

What does the 'Unknown' name has to be with darkness?
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I will never post art here, so don't even wonder have I have no art. I will check to rate blacksharks and more.

Most are nice, but try to make the shades brighter. Like Sid said, my favorite is the giant vs. you.