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new leader! (i make this becuase this clan really broke)
i think i can be the leader of this clan or not...
becuase this clan is dead
i want this..i can make it to be famous(swear)
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request video? PM me
becuase i like music!
before hack i make some in music thread "music is our life" something like that

i care this clan becuase i like this clan so much(the name)
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request video? PM me
So this clan has trying hard to become official. And come random faeg who trying to become this clan leader?

Create a clan called "Muzix' the if you like music.
yeah you cant be the leader...
becuase is hard to make to be official then ou just posting wanna be leader
is not fair
god man!
Well first things first. Get out Vman. You can't randomly take over a clan even do it currently doesn't have any activity.
And 2nd thanks Arglax.

Anyway we all just went inactive since our board was gone from the official list because the forum had to be set to an older version.
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