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name rahadian
belt are blue
i can make your rank makr a good
please let me to join your clan

hes say he can make your rank good....
lol but he is a begging
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request video? PM me
let me JOIN or face me HAHAHAHAHA!!!!
no really let me join or else
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let me join im brown belt
im good figh tink in aikido end whushu and katana plz let me join im brown belt
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The clan is like dead so stop posting and begging.
^What you posted above won't get you in [Bass] thats for sure.....
Belt: Blue belt
why: i want to join this caln because i want to help others
may i join this clan please..i want my name like [Bass]Rezapro6..please all
[FONT="Arial /Invade for the 2nd time
The clan is DEAD
You won't be getting into BASS
so stop applying