Muay Thai Championship Series 2020
age: 19
previous clans: [AciD]
about me: I am a very good person. I play Wushu,Judo, and Aikido those 3 are my best mods. I would like to join this clan to make it grow. I quit my old clan because nobody was active.
Name: cowman101 (I wish i could change this, i hate it so much XD)
Age: 15
Past Clans: Essence(of course), Juice, and an old clan i dont remember
Former Leader of Juice
Traits and Qualities: I bring a fun aspect to being in a clan, and im a great fighter. Im also a graphic designer so if we ever decide on a new logo, im your guy(:
Referral(s) rappunk(duh, known him for too long)
Thoughts: Hoping to join the community I once was apart of and get to know all the new members(:
I ♥ BenDover
belt:blue belt (alt li99 was black belt)
previous clans:darkfire
Qi:1348 (with li99 qi)
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Rejected, sorry.
We can't accept accounts based on their alt's statistics. If you really want to join, then apply here with your alt instead.
zuɐɹpʞɹɐp ʇɔǝdxǝ | [ριαz] | [εssεηcε]
  1. Your in-game name : ajiskempet
  2. Your belt(min brown belt) : 2nd dan
  3. Your skills : I am good at Aikido!
  4. Why you want to join : i need clan and im nice guy and i can get a new friends
  5. Any replays you wish us to see(only original mod or regular in game mods No Twin sword , or instagib.) : (post these)ok
  6. Any of your artwork you would like us to see : (post this)nope
  7. How active on forums : 5 hours
  8. How active in game : 6-7
  9. Posts : 104.
  10. Do you have a good understanding of The Forums/Game : yes
  11. Anything else you want us to know : Thank you for you time!
    previous clan:[zero]

    this is my replay
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BrEaK ThE BoDy !!!!!.rpl (30.3 KB, 1 views)
NICE SAVE.rpl (65.5 KB, 1 views)
Stylish Edit Decap 2.rpl (46.7 KB, 2 views)
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Please get your post count up to at least 150. Feel free to post in our forums to do so as well. However, you won't be considered for membership until you meet this standard. It shouldn't take longer than a few days. Thanks for applying, and we'll review the application once your post count is at 150.

Edit: Sorry, you're being blacklisted from our clan for applying to more than one clan in a short period of time.
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zuɐɹpʞɹɐp ʇɔǝdxǝ | [ριαz] | [εssεηcε]
Name: MrBobcat12
Age: 16
Belt: Custom Belt
Activeness: I'm on forums like 24/7 and I play in-game oftenly.
Replays: Attached.
Best Mods: Taekkyon, Judo, Running
Skills: I know the basics of making Art, but I'm not too good at it. I mostly provide activeness and I make a lot of replays.
Infractions: 2(Both Expired)
Previous Clans: Card, Klan Opposition a long time ago.
Reason I want to join Essence: I was referred by rappunk. I also think I can provide activeness within the clan. Also, as everyone says in their apps I think this clan would be cool.
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Awesome decap.rpl (41.1 KB, 4 views)
First Madman.rpl (126.6 KB, 4 views)
Head Punch.rpl (43.6 KB, 3 views)
Torso Kick.rpl (16.6 KB, 4 views)
Decap.rpl (73.9 KB, 3 views)
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Thank you for applying. You'll now be reviewed for application.
zuɐɹpʞɹɐp ʇɔǝdxǝ | [ριαz] | [εssεηcε]