Muay Thai Championship Series 2020
Мне 14 лет, играю в Toribash 3 месяца.
1. Коричневый пояс


Global Rank

Других аккаунтов не имею.
2. Сыграл очень много игр в Айкидо.


GMT +4, Краснодар
Ранее в кланах не состоял.
Учётной записи Skype у меня нет(если нужно, конечно создам).
SP реплеев не записывал, только MP.
Могу дать E-Mail адрес (в ЛС) для связи, пока не создам уч.запись в Skype.
Из увлечений: коллекционирование монет, рисование, онлайн-игры(в основном автосимуляторы, в РПГ не играю).
1. 4 дан
2. дзюдо,айкидо,леншу,ниндзитсу ну и собствено айкидо БД
3. 12
4. +3 / Саратов
5. не был не в одном клане
6. and-54
ну вот собствено всё =)
Just to make things clear: we are multi-cultural (yeah, I said it, even black-folks are welcomed) clan, which means that we accept both russian and english speaking members of community. Make no mistake about that even if you see 547 pages of russian spam in our threads.
1. Belt(please also name all of your alts and former accounts if you have\had any): Black

Other account: Rj 9th dan account

2. Mods you think you're best at: Teaekkyon

3. Your age: I am currently 14

4. Your GMT\Your location: -8 I think and Pittsburgh

5. Previous clans: Vortex, Fish, Coffee (Coffee was the best I've ever been in stayed from dsc to lucent's ending he left.)

6. Your skype name(if you don't have a skype account we'd prefer you to make one): richie.watzlaf

7. Some additional information you'd like to include(optional): I love to make art in ms paint, I'm very active on forum about 3 or 4 hours a day maybe and I could use some activity on Irc but I can change that. In-game I love to bet and be in tournaments and I really want to join. You guys were #1 in wins, you have some great members in this clan which I still look up to, and you guys are active and that's the kind of clan I would love to join.

We would also prefer you to include some SP replays in your application(that's optional if you don't play SP tho):
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[18:19] <@Noah> we penetrate every orifice with corndogs
1. 7 dan.
2. Aikidobigdojo.tbm ; Lenshu3
3. 14 лет. ( 3 сентября будет 15 )
4. GMT + 3 Россия, Г.Калининград.
5. Ewa, G, BtC.
6. iviustuk
7. <- replays
Не знаю зачем на ргхост залил, лоб.
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