Muay Thai Championship Series 2020
Lior, atah chaver sheli aval ma zeh? Ze lo tov, ani choshev she atah lo ohev anashim meh brazil. Lamah, ani choshev elai be mah ani choshev ze tov, achshav, ani lo yodeah....

Lior can translate for you, it's Hebrew.
"Always Extreme at heart."
I don't check the forums or go in-game anymore, I have quit.
Btw. I like the hebrew language. It sounds beautiful, same smooth as french.
P.S.: After a conversation with Colossus we came to the conclusion that a 2nd chance for liorke95 at the clan would be ok. At least it was one single case and the thing is solved out. Even his "opponent" spokes for liorke and his 2nd chance.
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