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TCaP: Clan policies
We are a quite small clan, mainly because we are extremely hard to get into, we have many high standards as shown here:

-Be Mature; I always get annoyed by idiotic threads or jokes that...just suck. I appreciate good spelling but its not stressed here, but avoid purposefull noob talk: "HY Cn ai jION tTEACUPS! I hurd u hav gud tee! "

-Be Active; We aren't active as most other clans, but all our individual members should be. Be ingame at least once every two days, even if its a small amount. Check the forums once our twice a day, even if its nothing big just look and see if there are new post's everyday so we can get your input.

-Belt, Rank, Win% Means nothing!; In TCaP we express "Movements" over winning, for example otherone does headball, that requires expert timing, patience and movements. Winning a tournament, and winning a game are different things, and for an obvious reason. As a clan we enjoy Sparring, headball, and scripted fights in multiplayer mode. Not to say we dislike the other modes, they are just too ordinary at times.

-Be Repsectfull; Its annoying to play with someone who thinks that they are "all that" just because they are in an upper class clan, be cool, mellow and respectfull and we will like you more, this applys not only to clan members but how you treat everyone else

-Don't be an idiot; This needs no instructions, just don't do anything i would do :x

-Democracy; Here in TCaP, the leader has very little power, aside from forum moderator, members can make polls voting for what do to, "New Event" "Kicking a player" "Recruiting a member" etc.
That is all
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