Muay Thai Championship Series 2020
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No, fgt.
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Original Post
1, He has multiple accounts
2, I dont know him
3, Never tested him
4, Pnut doesn't have recruiting powers.

Also, poles are useless, because anyone can vote, only votes that count or posts with back up
the god
I really want to join TCaP. I have some friends in TCaP too. Like Pnut and Otherone. Plz vote Yesh.
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the only reason i have multiple accounts i because i got hacked and made a new account. and so i can post. i cant post with my acc, 73CHEVELLE.
WAIT!!! i vote YES!
wait... whats this about me recruiting him?! all i did was ask if he wanted to join and he said yes! ive been computerless for a while so i couldnt tell you anything. but he is interested in joinin and i think he would be a great addition! but its up to you cula!
Great modders will always keep TB players playing.